India proved himself irresponsible country, Moeed Yousaf

ISLAMABAD (JTN) India proved himself irresponsible

National Security Adviser to the Prime Minister Dr Moeed Yousuf has said that India

has proved that it is an irresponsible country, firing missiles at a nuclear country is a

serious matter and the international community should take notice. India’s

irresponsible actions are a threat to the region and the world. On March 9, 2022, in

response to the Indian government’s explanation of the Indian missile crash in Mian

Channu area of ​​Khanewal district and the Indian government’s explanation about it,

The world has also closed its eyes towords India, National Security Adviser

Moeed Yousuf said that a very strange and dangerous incident had taken place. The

missile flew at an altitude of 40,000 feet, flew 250 kilometers and landed near Mian

Channu on Pakistani soil. He said that today, two and a half days later, the

Government of India was able to tell us and the world through a statement that it

was our missile. That we had a missile and it went by mistake but by mistake the

missile turned towards Pakistan and came here and fell. Moeed Yousuf said that

India is a country which has nuclear weapons, propagates to the world that it is a

very responsible country and raises its finger towards Pakistan but unfortunately the

world has also closed its eyes to this misunderstanding.

Modi government has a fascist ideology

I think India is probably their ally against China. He said the thing to ask the world is

that this is a country whose missiles are fired, the level of its flight was the level at

which commercial planes fly which posed a threat but India did not bother to

immediately report. So that possible damage can be done by taking precautionary

measures. He said that now we have repeatedly made the world believe that this

Modi government has a fascist ideology, it does not care about peace or the people,

this is the country whose same government in 2019 has a nuclear weapon.

India is the country where uranium has been repeatedly stolen

The country bombed Pakistan and thank God for what happened after that and they

lost their mouths but will the world still not wake up to how India can be a

responsible nuclear state? In a country where uranium has been repeatedly stolen in

the last two years, people have been caught on the streets and arrested for stealing

uranium and trying to criticize us in the world.

India is a big threat to the whole region but also to the whole world

This is no small incident. Is. “I want to put this in front of the world and demand that

it be investigated whether what India is saying is true or not,” he said. Was it really

an accident, an accident that could have caused a lot of damage, it’s not a toy that

flew away, but is that all? If anything else, these things will have to be seen now. He

said that India is a big threat to the whole region but also to the whole world from

such incidents, so now I hope that the eyes of the world will be opened, this matter

is no longer small.

India Proved that its can’t control its defense system

We talk again and again about what they are doing to unarmed Kashmiris in

occupied Kashmir. Moeed Yousuf said that the matter has reached such a point that

it has been understood that this state cannot control its defense system, it does not

have understanding, there can be no greater threat in the world, now it Imagine if

this was happening somewhere else in the world, in a Central world, what would

have been happening then and what would have been going on and what would

have been analyzed, then think of this region in the same way.

World Community Must Investigate the matter

He said that in any case, thank God, Pakistan did not suffer any loss of life and

property but it does not mean to turn a blind eye to this matter, it is a very serious

incident and the same harsh criticism, the same criticism, the same questions And

there should be the same investigation that would have taken place in another

country if something like that had come to light there.

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