I was against withdrawal from Afghanistan, Mackenzie

Washington (JTN) I was against withdrawal

Kenneth McKenzie, the former commander of the US Central

Command, has said that I advised President Joe Biden not to

withdraw all US forces from Afghanistan last summer. McKenzie told

US TV that the Pentagon had made it clear to the White House that

a full withdrawal would almost certainly lead to an immediate

Taliban takeover. He added that the best option would have been to

keep the Taliban at bay, and if Biden had decided to keep a small

contingent of troops there, the US-backed Afghan government

would have remained in power. He added that we believed that if we

withdraw our forces, Kabul will fall.

President must make decisions on much broader considerations

The question was when will Kabul fall? This was the consistent

position of the Central Command and our subordinates in

Afghanistan. “I’m sure my analysis has moved up the chain of

command and I’m sure the president has talked to them,” he said.

But the president must make decisions based on much broader


Al-Qaeda to use Afghanistan as a safe haven

After the drone killing of al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri in

Kabul, questions were raised whether the Taliban would once again

allow al-Qaeda to use Afghanistan as a safe haven. On the

possibility, McKenzie suggested that this cooperation between the

Taliban and al-Qaeda could force the withdrawal of US forces to

Afghanistan. Do not let it grow and spread. I think this will probably

happen under the current Taliban regime.

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I was against withdrawal , I was against withdrawal

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