Historic victory of PTI against PMLN in historic by-elections

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Lahore: (Abu Rija Haider) Historic victory of PTI

In the by-elections of 20 constituencies of the Punjab Assembly held

on the slogans of getting rid of incompetent captain and the

imported government disapproved, the people gave a decision in

favor of the captain. On which the PTI workers Celebrated across the

country, Chairman Tehreek-e-Insaf Imran Khan shared Faiz Ahmed

Faiz poem on social media after winning the by-elections of Punjab,

in his message, he wrote, “The name of Allah will always remain,

which is also absent, which is also present, which is also the scene

and the viewer, party.”He further wrote that The only way for the

country to move forward is immediate transparent elections

conducted by an undisputed Election Commission, any other way

will create political uncertainty. And will lead to further economic


= PTI won on 15 seats, PML-N 4 and independent candidate won one seat

The Election Commission of Pakistan has received the complete

results of the by-elections held on 20 seats of the Punjab Assembly.

According to results Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) won 15 seats,

ruling party Pakistan Muslim League (N) win only in 4 constituencies

while one seat went to an independent candidate.

=PTI got 46.08% votes, PML-N got 39.05% votes

The results of 3131 polling stations of the by-election to be held on

20 seats of Punjab Assembly by RMS System Election Commission.

According to the results received by the Election Commission of

Pakistan, the total voting rate in 20 constituencies 49.69%, Pakistan

Tehreek-e-Insaf stood first with 46.08% votes, while Pakistan Muslim

League (N) with 39.05%. votes got second place. Independent

candidates got 7.7 percent of the votes, Tehreek-e-Libak Pakistan

got 5 percent of the votes succeeded in doing.

=Clashes during polling, one killed, many injured, Shahbaz Gill arrested

The total number of voters in the 20 constituencies of the Punjab

Assembly was 45 lakh 79 thousand 898, in 14 districts of Punjab, on

Sunday Polling on 20 seats continued from 8 am to 5 pm without

any break, a total of 175 candidates participated in the by-election.

During the polling incidents of fights at several places, in which one

citizen was killed while several Injured. In Muzaffarabad, PTI leader

Shehbaz Gill was detained for violating the code of conduct, but he

was released late at night. While in Multan, the Election Commission

has issued a notice to Shah Mahmood Qureshi for interfering in the


=The Ruling party decided to consult with the allies for the future plan of action

The results of the by-elections on 20 seats of Punjab and the defeat

of (N) League candidates on 15 out of 20 seats. After that, an

emergency meeting of Muslim League (N) was held in Lahore under

the chairmanship of Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, in which the

results of the election were considered. The future strategy was

consulted, and it was decided to consult with the allied parties to

decide the future course of action. Chief Minister Punjab Hamza

Shehbaz, Ayaz Sadiq, Khawaja Saad Rafiq, Ataullah Tarar and other

leaders participated in it.

= Faced with such a situation due to difficult decisions, Saad Rafiq

Talking to the media after the meeting, Khawaja Saad Rafiq said that

Muslim League (N) is facing such a situation due to difficult

decisions. The future course of action will be decided after

consultation with the allies in the government. We are not

disappointed with the results of the by-elections. we will comeback,

the heads and leaders of the allied parties will meet soon and after

consultation, the future action plan will be decided. will be

announced, till 6 pm Imran Khan was talking about rigging

allegations and opening courts, now tell me what he says.

The results show that the establishment, election commission,

federal and Punjab governments were completely neutral.

=Bilawal Bhutto also called the CEC meeting of the party today

On the other hand, Chairman Pakistan People’s Party Bilawal Bhutto

Zardari also after the defeat of Muslim League-N in the by-election

in Punjab. Due to the situation, a meeting of the Central Executive

Committee of his party has been called today, in which the future

course of action will be considered. In this regard, according to the

spokesperson of the People’s Party, the meeting of the CEC has been

called at 4 pm today at Bilawal House, Karachi, this is a hybrid

meeting. will be held in which the participants will participate in

person and through video conference.

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Historic victory of PTI , Historic victory of PTI

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