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FATF Gray List Issue Pakistan and France

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FATF Pakistan and France

After a plenary virtual meeting of the Financial Action Task Force

(FATF) in Paris from February 22 to 25, it was decided to keep

Pakistan on the gray. ATF says that Pakistan has made full progress

on the proposals, completed 24 out of 27 points, After 4 months We

will see the implementation of Pakistan’s action plan is, whether it

should be removed from the gray list or it should be called a ‘do


Pakistan was put on the gray list in 2018

Putting Pakistan on the gray list in 2018, it was said that Pakistan

meets only 13 of the 40 recommendations of the FATF and was

given one year to implement the 27 recommendations. Pakistan’s

neighboring country India has increasingly tried to blacklist Pakistan

and many times India’s senior ministers have blacklisted Pakistan.

Why did France oppose removing Pakistan from the gray list

According to reports from the recent FATF meeting, France, a rival

India has opposed the removal of Pakistan from the FATF’s

gray list. What is the reason for Pakistan’s open opposition?

Pakistani government’s response to the re-display of insulting

images of the Prophet of Islam in recent months? Both are

questions that need to be understood. India and France

seem to be on the same page with regard to Pakistan, as India has

recently entered into several defense production agreements with

France, including a deal for a state-of-the-art Rafale fighter jet.

Pakistan has to move forward understanding the situation

Pakistan needs to understand its situation and move forward and

for this, it has to focus on its relations with the European Union. It is

clear that many times the policy of France is not in line with the

policy of the European Union.

What is FATF

The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) is a global anti-money

laundering body, aimed at monitoring and imposing economic

sanctions on countries that do not co-operate in global counter-

terrorism efforts. The gray list is actually a temporary or interim list

of the Financial Action Task Force,

A country can’t do business anywhere in the world and international

financial institutions stop aid to such a country. Pakistan, which has

been suffering from economic instability for a long time, has been

on the gray list and this situation is exacerbating its problems.

Pakistan will spare no effort to get the country off the gray list by

fully implementing FATF’s recommendations.

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FATF Pakistan and France

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