Ex-husband never gave flowers, Bushra Ansari

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Karachi (JTN) Ex-husband never gave flowers

Senior actress of Pakistan Showbiz Industry Bushra Ansari has

revealed that her ex-husband Iqbal Ansari had never given her a

flower. A video clip of Bushra Ansari went viral on social media.

=Was there a baby shower? no, we never did that. Bushra Ansari

What is happening is the host Nada Yasir’s morning show in which

the senior actress is making important revelations about her ex-

husband. Was there a baby shower? In response to this question,

Bushra Ansari said no, we never did that. Bushra Ansari said that in

fact! My mother’s family had shifted to Lahore, my husband and I

were in Islamabad.

=My husband disliked all these ridiculous things,

The actress said that my husband disliked all these ridiculous things,

he considered these rituals unimportant. He also said that my

husband had never given me even a single flower, then the ritual of

adoption is a far cry. It should be noted that Bushra Ansari had

married producer Iqbal Ansari in 1978 with whom he They have two

daughters, Nariman Ansari and Meera Ansari. They divorced Iqbal

Ansari in 2019, after which it was reported that they have remarried

actor and director Iqbal Hussain for the second time. Relatives seem

to be mostly silent.

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Ex-husband never gave flowers

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