Emmanuel Macron re-elected President of France

PARIS: (JTN) Emmanuel Macron re-elected President

The people of France have elected Emmanuel Macron president for

the next five years. Emmanuel Macron is the second president to be

re-elected by the people for a second term since 2000, when his

opponent in the French presidential election, National Front

candidate Marley Lupine, openly opposed the hijab in his campaign.

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He said that if elected, it would impose a complete ban on the hijab

in public places, while France would be the only country of the

French people. Strict laws against immigration and Muslims would

be clarified. Ukraine-Russia war was also a major issue in the French

presidential election. Marley Lupine’s meetings with Russian

President Vladimir Putin were disliked by the people.

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Turnout was 5 percent, down from 2 percent in 2017, but in the

evening voters turned out at polling stations. Out of 48.7 million

eligible French voters, 1 percent exercised their voting right before

the April presidential election. In the phase, the annual macron

percent while Marley Lupine, one year old I almost. The low turnout

was as high as 5 pm, according to the Interior Ministry. Percentage

of voting has been. The President of France can be elected to this

office twice in a row. The President of France has more power than

the German Chancellor, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Emmanuel Macron re-elected President

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