Early completion of hydropower projects is essential for Pakistan

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ISLAMABAD: (IR.Khan) Early completion of hydropower projects

Journalist Imran Rasheed

To meet the growing demand for energy and water in the domestic,

commercial and industrial sectors in Pakistan, the Water and Power

Development Authority has started to complete low cost hydro

power projects. The Authority currently owns and operates 22 hydel

power stations with an installed generation capacity of 9,406 MW,

according to a report by Wealth Pak, adding an average of 37 billion

units of electricity annually to these station grids.

=Sustainable and affordable electricity is the need for Pakistan

Among these power stations, Mangla Hydel Power Station provides

920 MW, Ghazi Brotha 1,450 MW and Neelam Jhelum 850 MW while

other stations add a total of 708 MW to the national grid. Several

hydroelectric projects are also under construction and are expected

to be completed by 2028-29. Work on the fifth extension of Tarbela

is in full swing and its completion by 2024 will add 1,530 MW to the

national grid. With the completion of the project, the installed

capacity at Tarbela will reach 6418 MW. On an average, the project

will provide 1 billion units of low cost and green energy to the

national grid annually. The benefit is estimated at Rs. 15 billion. An

official spokesman for the Ministry of Resources said, “Sustainable

and affordable electricity supply in Pakistan can be ensured by

maximizing access to hydropower and increasing reliance on local


=Its enable Pakistan to meet major challenges in the region

To make better use of renewable energy resources, these It is

important to estimate the true cost and benefits associated with the

resources. Developed countries have used modern planning and

modeling tools to ensure the sustainable development of this sector.

The sudden rise in prices has paralyzed Pakistan’s energy economy.

In such circumstances, Pakistan needs an integrated policy

framework at the federal and provincial levels to generate affordable

electricity and improve water management. Additional dams can be

constructed immediately. The project will not only help meet energy

needs in a sustainable manner and ensure affordable power

generation, but will also enable Pakistan to meet major challenges in

the region, including renewable energy generation.

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Early completion of hydropower projects

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