Drugs trend in educational institutions and parents

Drugs trend educational institutions

For the past few years, one topic that has been constantly debated in print and electronic media is the alarming rise in drug use in educational institutions. The statistics show a worrying situation.

=-=Teenager social issues=-=

But what about our eternal indifference, which gets in the way of solving every problem? Expressing deep concern, the officials assured that the issue would be resolved and the matter would be settled. Maybe we don’t realize the delicacy of the situation. My niece, who is studying in a reputed educational institution in the country, came to our house for a few day’s stay. Talking to a teenager about social issues, he had in mind that the time to come is his. Their opinion should also be known.

=-=State of extreme frustration=-=

The girl, who is active as a social worker, pointed out various problems and revealed in a state of extreme frustration that students in her educational institution were openly using drugs. I was not surprised to hear that. But the worrying thing was that his young mind was in a state of turmoil knowing this fact.

=-=Drug distribution mafia uses the children=-=

In most educational institutions, students are using drugs with their teachers. He lamented that drug use was not considered bad there. Rather, if you refuse, you will be considered a stereotype. Most drug addicts fall, victim, just because other friends are doing it. Even the drug distribution mafia uses the children of the same institution to sell drugs in educational institutions.

=-=7 million Pakistanis are addicted to drugs=-=

In 2015, the Senate Standing Committee on Drugs was told that a total of more than 7 million people in Pakistan are addicted to drugs. Since young people are a large part of the total population of Pakistan, their rate is also high among drug addicts. An estimated 44 tonnes of heroin is used in Pakistan, three times more than the heroin used in the United States.

=-=700 people die every day due to drug addiction=-=

According to the United Nations, 4 million people are addicted to cannabis and about 9 million are addicted to heroin. In Pakistan, 700 people die every day due to drug addiction, which is more than the number of people who die due to terrorism. The number of girls among drug-addicted youth is on the rise, which is a very worrying trend. There are only a handful of prestigious educational institutions, where drugs have been banned. What could be more sad is that the institutions that were supposed to adorn our new generation with education are pushing them into the mire of drugs. The shame or hesitation that could have been in the children, the teachers in front of them, they also get rid of it.

=-=The growing use of narcotics in new generation=-=

The growing use of narcotics in the new generation is more in the financially superior class. Children born in such families are given so much comfort by their parents that they are too comfortable to bear the bitterness of life and soon lose heart and lose themselves in intoxication. Let’s get out of this predicament.

=-=Intoxication is considered “new coal”=-=

In addition, intoxication is considered “new coal” in their circle. Lacking an abundance of money, closeness to parents, and lack of supervision, these children not only use drugs themselves but also proudly encourage others to do the same. Because these children also see their parents using drugs of some kind. Crystal meth, a fast-growing drug of the new generation is a destructive weapon. Which is wreaking havoc on our children.

=-=Asia’s largest cannabis market=-=

Similarly, the use of tobacco, betel leaf, challah, gatka, etc. is also a common thing in our poor class. It also does not acknowledge any harm, nor does it believe that it can lead to addiction to dangerous and deadly drugs such as heroin and ice. This class does not even have the means of treatment nor do they have the knowledge to avoid it.

=-=Parent’s Duities=-=

No matter what class of society you belong to, the important thing is to assess whether your child is addicted or not. The most important point here is that parents are left with the understanding that their children cannot do drugs. If you suspect that a child is addicted to some kind of drug, it can be judged by his movements. Some of the symptoms are redness of the eyes, excessive weight gain or loss, loss of appetite, severe changes in mental hearing and behavior, demanding more money, stuttering on the tongue, and daily chores. I have a problem.

=-=Parents should be friends with their children=-=

The next step after the evaluation is to talk about this topic. Nowadays it is very common to think that parents should be friends with their children. But most parents do not understand the true meaning of this. Parents, who should train their children and have the authority to teach them discipline, are afraid of their children. Sometimes mothers also cover their children’s habits so that people don’t hate them, fathers don’t be harsh. Addiction is a disease that can be treated, but if left unchecked, it could one day be fatal.

=-=A good academic result is not a guarantee of success=-=

Then comes the stage of treatment. But even this stage is incomplete without the involvement of family members. As precaution is better than cure, as a parent it is important that you also teach your children how to live. Just having a good academic result is not a guarantee of success. Give the child a responsibility at any age so that he understands its importance and becomes accustomed to it. Teach them how to control their emotions and how to live with different relationships. It is very important to set a goal in life. Then it takes hard work to achieve this goal. Children who work hard every day to make a positive change in their lives never turn to drugs.

=-=It’s up to the parents to keep an eye on it=-=

The remaining educational institutions and the so-called teachers in it are following this “knowledge is a great wealth” as a business phrase. When there is no evil left for a human being, you cannot persuade him to stop it. So it’s up to the parents to keep an eye on it. While parents are usually the last people in the world to find out that their children are addicted to drugs. Always remember that a person addicted to drugs suffers from severe physical pain without drugs, which we cannot even imagine. Therefore, instead of hating them, always treat them with respect and empathy. It is not impossible to live a full life after treatment but it is hard work.

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Drugs trend educational institutions,

Drugs trend educational institutions

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