Driverless ride sharing service launched in China

BEIJING: (JTN Monitring Desk) Driverless ride sharing service

Most of the projects in China are amazing and now again something

is going to happen there which is not possible in other countries of

the world at present. Chinese company Baidu and technology

startup have announced the launch of a service in Beijing

that will not require humans to operate or, say, driveless vehicles.

Keep in mind that the two companies will work separately from each

other and not as partners.

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The service was launched in Beijing on April 28 for passengers,

those call taxis during the day time only. Baidu is better known as a

search engine but it is doing a lot of work with regard to automated


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According to Baidu, the program has been launched with 10

vehicles and 30 more will be added soon. On the other hand,

says that 300,000 Beijing residents can be a part of this experience.

A lot of work is being done on self-driving vehicles and experiments

have been done for a long time for a ride-sharing service. Humans

were seated in the driver’s seat. Now no human being is being

seated in the driving seat.


Driverless ride sharing service , Driverless ride sharing service

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