Didn’t want to be an actress, made by force, Rekha

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Mumbai: (JTN) Didn’t want to be an actress

Rekha the Bollywood’s evergreen actress said she was forced to

become an actress, she never wanted to be an actress.

=I was absolutely not interested, Rekha

In an interview published in Indian media, Rekha said that absolutely

in the film industry. I was not interested, I was forced to become an

actress from an early age.

=Rekha entered the India local film industry from the age of 3, Report

Didn't want to be an actress, made by force, Rekha

The report said that Rekha entered the local film industry of India

from the age of 3 but she made her debut in Bollywood at the age

of 13 and then The actress had also said that when she came to

Mumbai, the people of the film industry contacted her family and

started asking me if she would work in a Hindi film.

=I became interested after 6 years work

I forbade her. Despite my refusal, they made me a part of the

project. After 6 to 7 years of working, I became interested in the

industry. Did not like.

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