China’s big offer to Pakistan to export dry fruits

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ISLAMABAD (JTN) China’s big offer to Pakistan

China has provided a big market for Pakistan’s dry fruit exports.

Farmers in most of the hilly areas of Pakistan produce different types

of fruits, which are dried and exported in large quantities. An expert

from the National Agriculture Research Center while talking to

Wealth Pak said that every year a large quantity of apricots, pears

and plums are exported by drying them. Apart from this, Pakistan

also exports large quantities of dry fruits like almonds and walnuts.

Quality dry fruits and nuts are mainly produced in Balochistan,

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Gilgit-Baltistan. Pakistan exports large

quantities of dry fruits to various countries including China, China is

emerging as a lucrative market for Pakistani dry fruits.

=Such measures increased the income of farmers, agricultural expert

The agronomist said selection, grading, processing and packing of

dry fruits and nuts are done keeping in mind international

standards. China imported 2 million tonnes of dry and fresh melons

and nuts in the first four months of fiscal year 2021-22, up 12.9

percent from imports during the same period last year. Talking

about the measures taken to increase the export of dry fruits, he

said that the government has provided high quality seeds to the

farmers to improve the production of fruits, such measures have

increased the income of the farmers.

=Dry fruits are the major export products of Pakistan

It is worth mentioning here that Pakistan was the 24th largest

exporter of dry fruits in the world in 2020 with exports worth $16.4

million. In the same year, dry fruits were the 144th most exported

product of Pakistan, China, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and

Finland were the top countries for export of dry fruits of Pakistan.

=Exports of Pakistani dry fruits to China are 65 million dollars

The Consulate General of Pakistan in Shanghai organized a webinar

with the support of the Trade Development Authority of Pakistan to

benefit from the export of Pakistan’s dry fruits to China. exports

reached $65 million, which is just over $8 million in 2020, indicating

the huge potential of Pakistan’s dried fruit exports to China.

Produces fruits. Under the China-Pakistan Free Trade Agreement,

Pakistan exports dry fruits to China with zero tariffs. Pakistani

authorities should organize exhibitions in China so that dry fruit

growers can promote their products to the Chinese public.

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China’s big offer to Pakistan , China’s big offer to Pakistan

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