China should review counter-terrorism policies, UN

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NEW YORK: (JTN) China should review counter-terrorism

UN human rights chief Michelle Bachelet has called on China to

review its anti-terrorism policies and ensure they meet international

human rights standards, according to media reports. He also visited

the Muslim-majority region of Xinjiang in China, but the purpose of

his visit was not to investigate China’s human rights policies but to

hold talks with the government. The rare trip was criticized by

human rights groups and Western nations.

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Michelle Bachelet said in an online press briefing that she (along

with the Chinese leadership) had raised questions about the broader

application of counter-terrorism and anti-extremism measures.

Concerns have been raised, particularly about the impact on the

rights of Uighurs and other Muslim-majority minorities.

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Basheel said he had discussed with the Chinese government the lack

of independent judicial oversight over the operation of these

centers and the use of force, abuse and religious discrimination.

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Allegations of strict restrictions on the process have been raised In

2019, Xinjiang Governor Shuhrat Zakir said that all the trainees had


China should review counter-terrorism

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