CGTN&Radio Greater Bay expanded broadcast to Hong Kong

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Beijing: (JTN) CGTN&Radio Greater Bay expanded

Watch Launching Ceremony of CGTN Documentary TV channel

China Media Group’s CGTN Documentary TV Channel and Radio

Greater Bay has launched simultaneously in Beijing and Hong Kong.

The broadcast will be aired on July 1st in Hong Kong.

=Its Build Sence of National Indentity in Citizens of Hong Kong

Kerry Lam, chief executive of China’s Hong Kong Special

Administrative Region, said in a virtual address on Friday that the

development provided an opportunity for Hong Kong citizens to

learn about the country’s latest developments and developments,

according to Chinese media. Their sense of national identity will be

further strengthened.

=The president has high expectations of Hong Kong

In his speech, Shen Hai Shong, President of China Media Group,

stressed that President Xi Jinping has always taken care of his

compatriots in Hong Kong and his long-term commitment to

maintaining long-term prosperity and stability. There are a lot of

expectations from Kang.

=The broadcast show in all Hong Kong, Shen Hai Shong

Shen Haishong said the broadcast would be aired in Hong Kong to

better illustrate, the overall situation of Hong Kong’s integration into

the country’s development. Encourages development.

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CGTN&Radio Greater Bay expanded

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