Boris threatened with no-confidence motion in Parliament

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LONDON: (JTN) Boris threatened with no-confidence

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has survived a no-confidence

motion in his political party (Conservative Party), but is now

facing the threat of a no-confidence motion in parliament from the


=Conservative Party voted in favor of Boris Johnson

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has faced a no-confidence vote

from his own party after a series of scandals, including partying

during a lockdown at his official residence, in which he managed to

escape. In a vote of no confidence in the ruling party against its

own leader, Boris Johnson, 211 out of 359 members of the

Conservative Party voted in favor of him, while 148 voted against

him. Members of Parliament needed votes, with 59% of

Conservative MPs voting for Johnson and 41% against him.

=Opposition decided to launch a no-confidence motion against PM

Opposition Liberal Democrats have now decided to launch a no-

confidence motion against the Prime Minister in Parliament. Yes,

the no-confidence motion will be an opportunity to get Boris

Johnson off Downing Street. Liberal Democrat leader Sir Ed Dewey

says the 148 members of the Conservative Party do not trust Boris

Johnson and hope to support the opposition. Sarkir Sturmer, leader

of the largest opposition Labor party, said the ruling party had no

solution to the people’s problems, with the divided Conservative

Party relying on Boris Johnson. Only the Labor Party can bring the

country back on track.

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Boris threatened with no-confidence

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