Binomo,The Most Popular Online Trading Platform for Traders
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Lahore ( JTN Special Report ) Binomo Online Trading Platform

Choosing a reliable platform for investing in the presence of increasing technology

and numerous online trading platforms is one of the most difficult tasks.

Investors are often confused when it comes to choosing the best trading platform

for them as investing and trading platforms being “reliable” is a must. In the

presence of numerous online trading platforms, Binomo , Is a trading regulated

trading platform that has entered the financial market with easy terms and

conditions for investors.

However, the following factors must be considered before investing in any online trading platform.

1. First of all, licensing is very important to regulate the trading platform according

to the legal jurisdiction. Trading platforms must have a license where the legal

authority must closely monitor the trading platform’s operations, audit the company

regarding fund deposits, withdrawals and trading.

2. Secondly, the fees charged by the platform are very important as it affects your

profit margin. If the platform’s own fees are too high, it will increase your trading

costs and decrease profits and you will not be able to earn extra income as per your

target. Therefore, before trading on any platform, it is important to check how much

the trading platform charges for its own fees so that you can determine the rate of

return for yourself accordingly.

3. Then the trading platform should be consumer friendly. It should not have too

many options and complexities.

4. At the same time, the process of depositing and withdrawing deposits should be

easy and fast. Because every investor prefers to avoid hassle and complexity.

Considering all the features listed above, let’s take a look at Binomo now.

Binomo Head Office

Binomo is headquartered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. And it provides

online trading services to traders in more than 130+ countries, including Pakistan.

The platform is regulated by the International Financial Commission (IFC), which

includes protection up to $ 20,000 in case of fraud. The platform is also linked to

Verify My Trade (VMT) to maintain high quality.

Methods of payment:

Binomo combines various international and local payment methods for the

convenience of investors. Such payment methods include AdvCash, AstroPay, Perfect

Money, STICPAY, Mastercard, CashMaal, UnionPay, Visa, American Express, JCB. And

in Pakistan too, investors can easily trade by raising and withdrawing funds through

linked payment methods. However, an investor can only use a bank card / e-wallet

certified in his own name. All you have to do is click on the deposit button in the

upper right corner of the Binomo application, select “Pakistan” as the country and

select any payment method associated with Pakistan.

Binomo Online Trading Platform

When you make a deposit, it will show the status of “pending”. This indicates that

the payment provider is currently processing your transaction. Each service provider

has its own processing time. However, on average, payment is processed within a

few hours by the payment providers if there is no national holiday or other payment

provider regulation.

Binomo Online Trading Platform

One of the major benefits of Binomo is the bonus on deposits for traders. There is a

100% bonus on Standard Accounts, up to 150% on Gold Accounts and up to 200%

on VIP Accounts. Withdrawal time varies for each account. Standard Account

ensures payment in 3 days, 5% cashback in 24 hours for Gold Account and 10%

Cashback in 4 hours for VIP Account. Yes, however, depending on the country of the

investor, the paying institution has the right to charge its own deposit or withdrawal

fees, the rates of which may vary from country to country.

How to trade effectively on Binomo?

Different traders adopt different strategies for this which vary from beginner to

experienced level. To get good performance in trading, traders should keep in mind

the following tips:

1. Use the first demo account which is free and there is no risk of losing money on it

so that you are well versed in the trading platform and you will be able to use risk-

free financial assets, different trading strategies and Learn the indicators well and be

able to use them. Thus the practice of trading on a demo account will prepare you

for trading on a standard, gold or VIP account.

2. Start trading with small amounts first, such as $ 1 or $ 2. This method will help

you gain confidence and analyze the market.

3. Trading on assets or commodities that you are already familiar with and whose

price fluctuations you can easily guess. For example, in the beginning you can start

trading on mineral oil ie oil or gold assets.

4. Then explore the various strategies, mechanics and techniques available on the

platform as well. Which is a great way for traders to learn trading.

Different types of trading strategies:

Binomo offers a variety of strategies and methods for educating both novice and

experienced traders. These strategies include technical signals, “night channel”

trading strategies, Bollinger Breakdown strategies, “Elders Triple Screen” strategies,

full method signals strategies and much more.

How reliable and secure is Binomo?

For trading, a reliable platform is essential, and Binomo takes the lead. You can use

the platform with confidence from virtually any device, including desktop and online

applications. Binomo is available on both Android and iOS platforms. Furthermore,

Binomo’s interface is very easy to use, offering four types of accounts – Demo,

Standard, Gold and VIP. Its smartphone apps are very easy to use and smooth, with

clear charts and current prices that are updated in real time. This platform offers

tremendous connectivity and stability with very few issues.

Binomo Deposit insurance is a free option, among other benefits for privileged

merchants. If something goes wrong and your balance goes to zero, you will be paid

a portion of your investment. The amount of compensation you receive is

determined by the size of your investment.

Binomo Online Trading Platform

The platform offers 24/7 live chat support in multiple languages. Through which you

get answers to all kinds of inquiries and your concerns are immediately addressed.

You can also provide help and guidance by emailing

So with a wide list of benefits offered, Binomo seems to be the best trading

platform to start trading. However, before starting trading on the platform, the

investor should evaluate his financial viability and familiarize himself with the terms

and conditions of the platform as there is always a risk of losing funds during

trading, even if you No matter how good the strategy is, the strategy of the past

does not guarantee future success.

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