Another benefit of face masks has emerged

Another benefit of face masks has emerged

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NEW YORK (JtnOnline News) – benefit of face masks

Wearing a face mask protects people from the new corona virus, but

it has now been revealed that it has another benefit. The moisture

created by wearing a face mask helps fight respiratory diseases such

as code 19.

A medical study conducted in the United States by the National

Institutes of Health’s National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive

and Kidney Diseases found that after wearing a face mask when

breathing out.

According to the research, when the air with high humidity is

inhaled, the severity of the disease does not increase in people who

are infected with COD-19. The reason is that hydration in the

respiratory tract is beneficial for the immune system. The

researchers said that we discovered that face masks increase the

humidity in the air entering the body and as a result the respiratory


More hydration is available, which reduces the severity of the

disease. He said that high levels of moisture can reduce the severity

of the flu. Has been proven for and could potentially apply to Code

19. High humidity in the air can limit the spread of a virus to the

lungs, as it activates a defense mechanism that activates mucus and

its harmful substances. Removes ingredients. Excess moisture also

strengthens the immune system as it increases the production of a

special protein called interferon which fights against viruses.

The mask, a two-layer cotton polyester mask and a heavy cotton

mask were tested. The researchers found that when a person wears

a mask, the moisture level around them decreases because water

vapor is present inside the mask. Research has shown that if masks

fit the face correctly, those who wear all four types of masks

increase the humidity in the air they breathe in. However, the effect

can be more or less the same with temperature.

Heat increases the effect of moisture on all masks.

Researchers did not check which masks protected against the virus.

However, the same research team said in a recent study that any

cloth mask can help block thousands of particles from the mouth. In

this new study, particles from the mouth. It did not analyze but

provided further evidence as to why face masks are necessary to

fight the epidemic of Code 19.

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benefit of face masks

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