?….. Afghanistan’s future is once again

Afghanistan’s future

(Written by Abu Raja Haider)

With just a few weeks to go before the withdrawal of US troops

under the Doha Accords, Afghanistan’s future is still in jeopardy.

However, other countries in the region, including the United States

and Pakistan, are working to make the talks between the Afghan

leadership and the Taliban a success. Talks were called for a peace

deal that would end more than four decades of war in Afghanistan.

All-Party Interim Government

US Special Envoy Zalmai Khalilzad called for an all-party interim

government At a conference in Turkey next month, the Afghan

president will reject the proposal and propose a new presidential

election. An Afghan government official said: “We are going to

present a counter-proposal at the Istanbul meeting. If the Taliban

agrees to a ceasefire, then the presidential election should be held

as soon as possible.

The United States and Taliban Reaction

The reaction of the United States, the Taliban, and other parties to

this will be clear only when the proposal comes to light. The parties

are ready for a mutually agreed solution That is why talks between

the Afghan leadership in Doha and the Taliban, which took place in

Doha under US pressure is still stalled and violence in Afghanistan

is escalating. He said it was difficult to meet the May 1 deadline for

withdrawing US troops from Afghanistan. They want to leave

Afghanistan in a safe and orderly manner. I do not intend to stay in

Afghanistan for long. We will leave Afghanistan. The question is

when we will leave. I do not see US troops in Afghanistan next year.

Afghan president proposal

The Afghan president has not yet given any details about his

the proposal, but two government officials in Kabul have said that

Ashraf Ghani will announce his election plan at an all-stakeholder

conference in Turkey next month. A senior Afghan government

official says early elections in Afghanistan are a fair plan for

Afghanistan’s future.


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Afghanistan’s future

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