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Afghanistan could be plunged into Cold War

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Afghanistan plunged Cold War

According to the Associated Press, despite spending billions of dollars and nearly 20 years of military presence.

The United States and NATO still see no solution for a sustainable and peaceful future for Afghanistan.


The two powers have not been able to decide how to withdraw their troops from the war-torn country.

The withdrawal of US troops by the former US administration over the past few months has made it clear that the plight of Afghans is not going to be solved.

War Lords and ISIS

“Violence has escalated and the culprits are all visible, whether they are Taliban, warlords, ISIS, or corrupt government officials,” the AP wrote in its article.

Newly elected US President Joe Biden is reviewing Trump’s policy of withdrawing all US troops from Afghanistan by May 1 this year.


The Taliban control about half of the country. Despite peace talks, the Afghan Taliban and Afghan military operations continue.

The Taliban has been blamed for recent killings of journalists and civil society leaders. He denies the allegations.

 There is also no evidence that they have severed ties with al-Qaeda, as agreed in the Taliban-US talks.

According to a US intelligence report released in January. The Taliban still support al-Qaeda and the terrorist organization is growing stronger in the region.

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Afghanistan plunged Cold War

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