Afghan Taliban government should be recognized,Mashhadi

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Lahore: (JTN) Afghan Taliban government

Jamiat Ulema-e-Pakistan (JUP) Central President Pir Syed

Mohammad Mahfooz Mashhadi has demanded that the Taliban

government in Afghanistan should be recognized, our rulers should

not show cowardice, the Taliban could be insurgents and terrorists

for the US. But they are our benefactors and heroes, like the great

grandson of the subcontinent “Dulabhatti” was a rebel of the British

British government but he is our land Cairo, more cowardice will be

against patriotism.

=The Taliban are not Deobandis but Naqshbandi Hanafi Sunnis

The government should take the nails of conscience, the Taliban

have brought the Islamic revolution in Afghanistan, they should not

hesitate to surrender, I should also make it clear that the Taliban are

not Deobandis but Naqshbandi Hanafi Sunnis, their government

must recognized immediately and the Afghan Taliban Don’t join

the Pakistani Taliban who are spreading terrorism in Pakistan,

because. He has made it clear that the Taliban are followers of

Hanafi jurisprudence.

= India open embassy in Kabul is wake-up call for Pakistan 

He said that by recognizing Naqshbandi Hanafi Ahl-e-Sunnat

Taliban who brought Islamic revolution, we can also eliminate Indian

influence in the region, trade and travel relations between the two

countries must promot. These steps are also necessary for

the formation of a Muslim bloc, so the Islamic Emirate of

Afghanistan sincerely recognized and other Islamic countries should

be encouraged to recognize it, while India quietly reopened its

embassy in Kabul. In this case, Pakistan should take the initiative of

the Taliban government of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.

= Iran gas pipeline needs time to be completed, Central President JUP

Pir Mahfooz Mashhadi said that the Taliban defeated the United

States, from which it suffocated and fled Afghanistan, we should

promote friendly relations with Muslim countries in accordance with

the basic principle of our foreign policy. strengthened and

consolidat relations with Iran. The completion of the Iran gas

pipeline project is a matter of urgency. cowardice would be against

the requirements of patriotism.

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Afghan Taliban government, Afghan Taliban government

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