2021 was a year of hopelessness, Amnesty International

NEW YORK (JTN) 2021 was a year of hopelessness

It was a year of hopelessness, citing last year’s civil and human rights

group, Amnesty International. According to Kashmir Media Service,

Amnesty International in its annual report said that if one looks at

last year’s civil and human rights, it is clear that this was a year of

breaking hopes. According to Amnesty, the digital world is also

rapidly becoming a hotbed of activity and oppression. Is. According

to Philip Luther, Amnesty International’s Middle East and North

Africa researcher and director of Edo Casey, 2021 was indeed a very

important year in terms of promises.

= Authorities are secretly using technology to effect human rights

However, the reality was quite the opposite. Citing the facts, the

annual report states that many governments have used the

epidemic to stifle opposition and civil society. According to Philip

Luther, “this situation is the same in all regions of the world and that

is why we have highlighted it in our global analysis.” Governments

and NGOs are increasingly working online. He called the

development a “double-edged sword.” “Authorities are secretly

using technology in a way that is having a detrimental effect on

people’s human rights,” he said. And disrupt them, which civil

society uses to better communicate and disseminate information to

each other.

= The closure of the Internet in Occupied Kashmir had a negative impact on human rights, Amnesty International

The use of Israeli software Pegasus against journalists, opposition

figures and human rights activists in India is a clear example of this.

Although the Internet is an important way for civil society to be

organized and mobilized, many governments around the world,

including India, have taken strong action against Internet freedom.

Governments sometimes resort to censorship, sometimes to

Internet services. It closes and monitors it on a large scale Last year,

people from India, Russia, Colombia, Sudan, Lebanon and at least 75

other countries took to the streets to demand their rights, the report


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2021 was a year of hopelessness , 2021 was a year of hopelessness

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